Sale, CRM & POS

Accounts & Purchase Functional Training

Sale, CRM & POS

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End users Training

Sales Module

• Customers
• Products to sell
• Sales orders
• Manual discounts
• Margins
• Sales & Warehouse: Invoicing control (On demand / On Delivery Order), Shipping policy (At once / Each product when available)

What will you learn?

• Register orders from customers and create invoices
• Schedule deliveries (for products) or tasks (for service)
• Ensure that sales orders are properly invoiced by tracking pending sales orders

Odoo can work with independent applications, so the whole commercial process can be integrated together in order to accomplish complete business flows.

Point of Sale (POS)

• Payment methods (journals)
• POS Configuration
• POS front-end
• POS back-end
• Shops
• Sessions
• POS Orders
• Re-Invoicing
• Scanning / Self-scanning

What will you learn?

Odoo POS is the first POS running in a 100% web based environment, which means any computer with a browser can host the POS. The POS is a two-part system with a front-end (interaction with the client) and a back-end (managers can configure the system, print reports, analyse, ...)

About the front-end:
• Offline mode. Imagine several cases were having an offline mode is of prime interest: Connexion to server shutdown at a big supermarket / Use in environments that requires mobility but without wifi / Use in large environments like restaurants and gardens / Use in low tech environments

About the back-end:
• Configure the products being sold in the POS
• Configure the payments methods
• Print daily sales report
• Analyze sales

Ali Zuaby

Practical Info

09/04/2017 03:00 PM
2 hours
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