Constructions & Contracting Project Management

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Contract management



Business Features

Billing Managment

  • Project billing Progress Monitoring Report
  • Generate customer bills based on project progress.
  • Customer billing by project analytic account
  • Customer Deposits by project
  • Customer Billing on Phases Completion
  • Print & Email Customer Bills
  • Recurring project billing
  • Integration with sales cycle
  • Contract / quotation template
  • Project variation orders control
  • Monitor work order start / end date
  • Automate customer invoice generation
  • Project status break down report
  • Project submitals and proposals monitoring
  • Generate quotations from customer submitter
  • Job cost sheet estimation (material / labor / overheads)
  • Multiple job cost sheets per project

Work Orders

  •  Manage Project Work Orders
  • Work Order To-do List
  • Defining services provided to customers and its default related work orders
  • Work Orders Staging
  • Subcontractors Management
  • Time sheet per work order
  • Manage Main work order and Sub work Orders
  • Input used materials per work order
  • Set Job Categories
  • Drag& Drop Work Orders Staging
  • Work Order Materials Planning, consumption & requisitioning
  • Items Stock Movements Per order
  • Work order assigning
  • Team collaboration
  • Work order material stock control
  • Split & group tasks with different assignee
  • Log work order notes and meeting
  • Configurable work order stages

Costing Managment

  • Costing sheet per project & multi Work Orders per project
  • Set Overhead, Labor Charge & Materials Elements per service provided
  • Plan Project / Work Order overhead, Labor & Materials budgeting
  • Printable work orders & costing sheets
  • Analytic accounts integration with project budgeting
  • Comparing planned Vs Used Vs remaining Project Budget
  • Integrating Procurement, time sheet with project budgeting
  • Set Project Costing Elements
  • Customer contract estimation, overhead labor & materials

B.O.Q Managment

  • Work Order Required Materials
  • Work Order Used Materials
  • Materials Requests Management
  • Run Procurement from BOQ
  • Project material forecasting
  • Project material request / issue
  • Material consumption monitor
  • Vendor / subcontractor material request
  • Machinery and equipment in BOQ
  • Human resources in BOQ
  • Create purchase order from material request

Add on Features

  • Project warranty management
  • Project maintenance management
  • Workers time sheet
  • Export and import data
  • Direct printing or save as .pdf
  • Email and communication support

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Human Resources

Fully integrated with your project management system, starting of recruitment to monitoring attendance &  day to day activities

Stock Control

Integrated warehouse & logistics management system, keep track of inbound outbound stock moves with full mobile & barcode support 

Analytical Reporting

Get live reporting on your projects status from different aspects, forecast & validate historical data on the fly