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There are always a number of strategies virtually any business or company can apply to turn their own new product launch into huge success. By following these strategies, you will witness the dramatic impact on your projects launching expectations.

1- Focus on Customer, Not the Product

Elaborate how the product affects your life, from your perspective. As an example, we have always seen Steve Jobs talking about how annoying it is to carry both a phone and an MP3 player and how (introducing iPhone) with an iPhone, you’re condensing them down to one simple device that will make your life easier. It’s about simplicity, productivity, style and all things Mr. Jobs knew people are interested in. That’s how you should frame your marketing. Show people and potential customers a compelling picture of how your product/service will make their lives better. Get people excited.

2- Make an Event for your Launching

Try to get everyone to know that something important is happening that he/she have to pay attention. This works, not just for Steve, but for everyone. Optimize a budget for it, throw a press event for your announcement. If not, at least have some kind of online event. Making a big deal out of your new project launch gets both your potential customers and media to take it more seriously, and it’ll definitely reflect on your product overall sales.

3- Participate in Relevant Events and Trade Shows

An excellent method to reach an established and relevant audience is through industry publications. Attending trade shows in one of the best ways to get featured. This can help you get maximum media coverage with simple effort which will support your product launch marketing. An example for that, what happened with Kolibree recently, They unveiled their new product “Ara Toothbrush” at CES 2017. They introduced it as the “First toothbrush with artificial intelligence” and received several features in top online publications.

4- Online Presence and Communities

For your product to be successful, you need the support of consumers who are willing to spend their money on it. The challenge lies in reaching those consumers. To lead your project toward success, you need support from consumers who are willing to spend money on it. The challenge is all in reaching out those consumers correctly. In order to effectively promote your product, reach out to online communities, and introduce them to your new product. You may be able to reach out to a significant number of people through online ads, and social media, this may not be enough.

The main point is that you need to think through the first appearance. Deliberately plan what information you will be releasing and when, who you want talking about you to enhance your reputation within your field; and most of all, to think of how to turn your product launch into something big.

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