What is the HRD in your business?

Is it important or the HRM department is enough?

Simplit Team

Human Resources Development is a part of the Human Resources Management (HRM) -know more about the HRM department here-,which includes the training and development of your business’s employees, its main role to help the employees for developing their organizational and personal skills, knowledge and abilities.

The HRD department as a fundamental department to keep your employees updated through some courses and trainings, therefore to keep your business quality always up to date. There are two main types of these trainings, it could be:

  • Formal: through the external trainings or college courses, and it’s given by a paid facilitator or a      professional consultant.

  • Informal: such as the internal trainings, coaching, and monitoring, by the internal staff using different activities like group training sessions or book clubs.

HRD department is very important for your business more than you think. The efficient HRD provides a plentiful of advantages like:

  • Making the employees more efficient through evolving new knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities.

  • Establishing a flexible environment towards the change, as the employees find themselves familiar with problem solving capabilities.

  • Helping to utilize the resources and achieve the business goals in a proper way.

  • Improving an environment of loyalty and trust.

  • Mending employee participation.

Now, the right answer to (is the HRM department is enough in your business?), is NO. Because as it has been scripted above, HRD is a main department in human resource management, and both of them are completing each others. So, the efficient HRM department provides an efficient HRD department and vice versa.

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