How should you look for the most qualified employee?

The main steps of the recruitment process

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The recruitment process is the organization-specific sourcing model of the candidate which aims to find and hire new employees in the business. This process is one of the fundamental roles of the Human Resources department, knowing that the ownership of this role varies from company to another according to the organizational structure of the company of the type of the recruiting process.

 This process is not the same in all the companies of course, the steps of this process differs from strategy to another, here are some of the most important steps of the hiring process:

 1- Identifying the hiring need: To know exactly what you need, you should identify your hiring needs in the first place. So, to start the recruitment process you should first identify the vacancies then analyze the qualifications that you are looking for like: specific knowledge, experience, or skills.

 2- Preparing the job description: Based on the first step, now it is time to determine the responsibilities and duties of the job. The inclusive job description (JD) will help the cadidates to know what they should have to meet the demands of the job.

 3- Searching: This role is a very important one, that is why some companies hire a headhunter to identify the right talent. Recruiters should work hard internally and externally in this phase to cast a wider network in order to find the right candidate.

 4- Shortlisting: This step is considered as the most strenuous one, which is reviewing the resumes to move forward with the hiring process. So, here the recruiters screen and shortlist the candidates, then make a list of the strongest ones to move with them to the next step.

 5- Interviewing: Here the shortlisted applicants will move to a higher step, which id the face-to-face interview. It is an important step, as the employer will communicate with the candidate face-to-face, also this phase shouldn’t be too long otherwise the candidates will lose their interest.

 6- Offering employment: This step is the most delicate one. However the candidate is patient to complete the recruiting process until this phase, you should take it for granted that your candidate will accept your offer.

 7- Hiring and onboarding the candidate: Once the candidate accepts the offer, it will be the time for the hiring step, then the onboarding process which aims to make the new employee feel wanted before they join the company officially.

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