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5 Great ERP Modules to boost your business

Simplit Team

The Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for efficiently managing the human capital and provides your enterprise with the structure and ability to meet business needs. The Human Resources department in any organization is a key to build the organization's culture. The main functionalities of the HR team is: talent recognition & acquisition, workplace safety, employee compensation & benefits, employee training & development, and labor law compliance. A well functioning HR department improves the business efficiency and boosts the employees' productivity! 

Challenges of Today

As your business expands, the HR department face more challenges regarding the human resources management like:

  1. Inefficient management of human resources across different branches.

  2. Attendance tracking errors. 

  3. Mismatch in attendance and pay-out for the employees. 

  4. Rise in conflicts that arise during promotion cycle.

and more challenges are rising everyday.

Five Amazing Modules solves them all!

Simpl!t provides you with an ERP solution to solve the problems above. It's designed to tackle the core problems for the HR management such as:

  1. Employee management 

  2. Recruitment management 

  3. Expenses Management 

  4. Appraisals management 

  5. Fleet management 

Maintaining a more smart efficient solution for your human resources department improves your employees' productivity and boosts your business operations!

Stay on Top of Competition, Contribute to the Human Resources development,and Increase Employees Productivity!

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