ERP Solutions that Never Fail are not a Myth!

Here is why it may fail, and here is why it may not

Simplit Team

Projects fail actually every day. And ERP projects are not an exception. Mainly because costs are exceeded, schedules are surpassed, and every time you try to fix things up for the implementation you just fall way behind expectations.

 Data says: Lack of business experience lead to such failure. Most of medium-sized companies don’t have enough expertise when using ERP software or any complex IT projects. Actually first steps are very strategic in the implementation of the ERP. Going wrong from the beginning leads to massive failures at the end. Team preparation is a clue.

Simply some managers do pitfalls that make failures a chance for ERP software. Here is what you shall not do and what you shall take care of:
Quality can’t be sacrificed. If anybody tells you here is a great ERP software at a cost of a penny but is of poor quality, NEVER ACCEPT TAKING IT. Wrong ERP implementation are due to sometimes a bad cheap ERP solution. ERP systems are investments not costs.

Team is not well prepared. That’s a big issue. If the internal team is not ready and not well oriented, ERP systems can’t help users that are not willing to use it correctly. Involve the bright minds/ the great manpower of your enterprise, so you can push the system forward.

Wrong expectations are really bad. Let's put this clear: Expectations should always be guided by actual and real reasons. This rule should also guide human relationships, you know.

Migration .. Migration...Migration. If you have an old system, it’s really important to carefully do data migration accurately. This will ensure that everything work perfect afterwards. Keep in mind: “garbage in, garbage out”.

Proper testing is a big concern. Give time for testing. Do it correctly and take your time. Check that the software works and that it meets the business requirements. BOTH.
If you take care of the five above pitfalls and try hard to get quality, do your homework: team preparation, hold realistic expectations, migrate well, and take your time in testing, then you are on the right track.
Now how to make it never failing? Select a software with the following features: Flexible, Modular, based on cloud storage, always up-to-date, and cost-effective. Those features guarantees a never failing one. That’s the Simpl!t Advice to you.

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