Simplit collaboration agreement...

Simplit is not an incubator or a venture capital. We’re simply a passionate people who encourage and support creative ideas and business development. We will support your solid idea with business tips, technical and functional training. Simply, it’s about how big is your idea. To get familiar with bootstrapping, and market studies. Simplit will help you establish your prototype and validation.

Can I submit any idea?

We encourage everyone, only need valid idea with enough passion to act.

Can I submit more than one idea?

A user can only submit one idea at a timer, a user could present an individual or a team.

Does Simplit take equity in the winning ideas?

Submitting ideas and registration are is totally FREE. Just win the title and we will proceed with financial support plan

What is submitting procedures? 

  • Apply by filling the registration form. Make sure to add more info and validations to your application, this will increase its opportunity to be accepted expectations to impress to get more votes to win.

  • Applications get reviewed within 2 working days. 

  • You will receive a confirmation mail once your idea is live. 

  • Visit Ideas link frequently to track your idea progress and voting.

Best of Luck :)